About UAL America

Since 1992, Universal Africa Lines,  America had been doing business under the name Consolidated Steamship Agency.

Nothing has changed with regards to our standards of service,  but our name has been changed to promote synergies within the UAL Alliance on behalf of Universal Africa Lines, our principals.

With UAL America,  you will continue to see the same quality service, with the same specialized knowledge and international capabilities which we are known for.

We believe our years of experience in handling freight to logistically difficult areas, goes a long way in providing stability to our clients supply chain.  Our track record of innovative problem resolution proves we are willing to make necessary adjustments as port conditions, country regulations or your own  business  practices change.  We have established ourselves as an organization committed to servicing our clients, and take pride in  what we do, always working with a “make it happen” attitude.

On behalf of everyone at Consolidated Steamship Agency who is proud to introduce our new name and logo as UAL America, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the years of trust and continued support in our services.

Member of the UAL Alliance