Our Family

At Consolidated Steamship Agency / Universal Africa Lines, America, – It’s not just a job!

What started out as a very small company 21 years ago is now a very close family, with a true passion for what we do.

You will discover the difference from the first time you reach out to us either by phone or by e-mail.  Our Team makes the difference that sets UAL America (CSA) apart from other carriers.  We care not only about your needs as a customer, but also strive to maintain the highest reputation for this company.  We care about what you think!

With the camaraderie and team spirit that’s developed over the years, you will realize that we all work as one team to do whatever it takes.

We love what we do and who we work with, but most of all, we are grateful for the continued loyalty and trust that you, our customers have in us.

Give us a call today and get to know our family.

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